Sturm und Drang

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Exhaustion must have over come him sometime, because the soft pitter-patter of foot steps caught him off guard. There was an eery amount of familiarity to them, that brought a deep and heavy pain to his heart, and that caused silent tears to leak from his eyes. 

It was impossible.

It couldn’t be.

There was no way.

Glancing up at the pain staking familiar face, that beamed down back at him. His expression twisted into someone of disgust and rage, they can spit at him, threaten him but how dare they… how dare they ruin her image. Decus of all people knew it was possible, to perfectly impersonate another. But for someone to do this to her… 


Pressing his lips together, into a disapproving frown. 

"Is this your idea of a damn joke?"

There was no way that this could be her.

Alice wasn’t here anymore.

This couldn’t be her,

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People have come, there was no smile there to greet them nor a singsong melody to welcome them. They didn’t deserve those things, no one did. Not anymore. A cold, tired stare is what they have to greet them, a warning to let them know that they were not welcomed.

For as far as he knew, these women were no better than anyone else. They were no better than all those who’ve come to mock him and spit in his face, no better than all of those who’ve told him that he is ‘better off without her’. What did they know? Each and every one of them, ignorant, ignorant bastards who didn’t know what was good for them.

"Have you come to laugh at my misery, just like everyone else?" He spat at them. His tone cold and stiff, his stare icy. This man had been through hell and back, and it showed upon his facial features, he had lost everything that mattered to him along with his dignity. "Or have you come to tell me that I’m better off without her? Perhaps you think I deserve this. Everyone else does."

If only he had been faster, if only he had ran to her side faster. Maybe then he could have saved her. Why wasn’t it him who died that day?